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Planet Rewind is an addictive neon themed twin-stick shooter that takes place on a spherical world.  The game was developed for the Brackeys Jam 2020.2 with the theme Rewind.

The game is inspired by geometry wars.

Please write a comment and tell us your high score and what you think about the game!

Game contains flashing lights and bright colors! Please do not play the game if you suffer from epilepsy or a similar condition!

Movement  = WASD / Left Stick
Shooting = Mouse1 / Right Stick
Rewind = Spacebar / A or RT (xbox) / X or R2 (playstation)
Cancel Rewind = Spacebar / A or RT (xbox) / X or R2 (playstation)


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Planet Rewind.zip 29 MB


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Very cool


This game is really, REALLY cool!! I love the 3D planet and the usage of glow, but I especially like the retro sound effects. I wish the Rewind effect granted a small window of invincibility (like 0.5 seconds) because occasionally I would rewind right into an enemy, though I do like how you have to use it to kill the yellow enemies. My high score after 10 minutes of playing was 9.404K (not great but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), the game's quite fun, nice work!!